Notebook power adapter maintenance tips

The notebook power adapter is a high-precision, high-efficiency switching regulator. I believe that many users who have used notebooks will find that the hottest place after using the notebook for a long time is the notebook power adapter. It is often a hot feeling when you use it on your hand. It is really worrying about whether it will burn out or suddenly. Explosive. So how do the notebook power adapter perform maintenance and maintenance during daily use? First, the nominal voltage of the power adapter usually refers to the open output voltage, that is, the voltage value without any load and no current output. Therefore, it can also be considered that this is the upper limit of the output voltage of the power supply. For the case where an active voltage regulator unit or a voltage reference component is used inside the Compaq oplader adapter, generally, a DC voltmeter with a high internal resistance can directly measure the nominal voltage (a more accurate method of using an electromotive force bridge, belonging to the university general physics) The course experiment, not to mention), even if the mains voltage fluctuates, its output is stable and constant; but for the cheap small transformers on the market, such as those used for the Walkman, it is basically the traditional magnetic The core transformer plus four rectifier diode bridge rectifiers plus a large filter capacitor is done, so if the value measured with a normal DC voltmeter will be greater than the nominal voltage, the output of the bridge rectifier is pulsating DC, simply speaking, is a time chain in which the positive half of a sinusoidal voltage signal is connected. It will become flat after large-capacitance filtering, but the ripple coefficient is still large (the ripple coefficient is the amplitude and voltage of the voltage signal fluctuation). The ratio of the average value, the smaller the voltage, the closer the voltage is to DC. The so-called nominal voltage refers to the voltage versus time. Points divided by the integration time, is simple to understand the average time, if measured with a normal DC voltage meter, the measured value is very close to the maximum of the voltage signal, the uncertainty. At the same time, if the mains fluctuates, the output of this type of HP Laptop Adapter Oplader Lader will also change. Generally speaking, the true no-load voltage of the common power adapter is not necessarily the same as the nominal voltage. Because the characteristics of the electronic components cannot be completely consistent, a certain error is allowed, and the civilian situation is controlled at 0.1% to 5 according to the needs of the application. %about. The smaller the error, the higher the consistency requirements for electronic components, the higher the cost in industrial production, and the more expensive the price. Followed by the nominal current value of the power supply. Regardless of the power supply, there is a certain internal resistance, so when the power supply output current, it will internally generate a voltage drop, which is equal to the output current multiplied by the internal resistance of the power supply. Two things are caused, one is to generate heat, equal to the square of the output current multiplied by the internal resistance, so the power supply will be hot, and the other is that the output voltage becomes the nominal voltage minus the internal voltage drop, resulting in a lower output voltage. The usual design generally limits a current value after considering the heat dissipation problem. When the output current reaches this value, the output voltage is reduced to 95% of the nominal voltage, or other ratios, which can be set by each manufacturer according to the different needs of the load product. Higher or lower ratio, this current value is the nominal current. For example, the nominal current of the 72w ibm16v Asus oplader adapter is 4.5a (16*4.5=72, nonsense). If the load resistance is too low, causing the output current to exceed the nominal current, two things usually happen. One is that the individual components cause power damage due to heat generation exceeding the heat dissipation capacity, and the other is that the heat dissipation design leaves a margin, which is only reflected as The output voltage is further reduced. If it is lowered too much, the load may not work properly.1. To create a good cooling environment, use a notebook at high temperatures, dissipate heat from the power adapter, place a small fan for cooling, or place the notebook power adapter in a well ventilated area.On a hot summer day, we can put the adapter on the side to increase the contact area of ??the adapter with the air, so that the heat of the adapter is better. For better heat dissipation, we can also insert a narrow plastic block or metal block between the adapter and the desktop to increase the air convection speed around the adapter and speed up the heat dissipation of the adapter.2. When the power adapter fails, is abnormal, emits noise or even smokes, it should be stopped immediately. After being repaired by professional engineers, it can be put into use again.3, in the laptop charging process, it is best not to run a heavy load of the program, to be properly charged, so as to avoid the battery adapter charging speed is slow or not full due to insufficient power supply output power, the power adapter overload.4. The Acer oplader adapter of different models of notebooks cannot be mixed. There are some differences in the output interface, voltage and current values ??of the power adapters of different brands of notebooks. If it is mixed, it will cause the battery to be fully charged, the screen will flash, etc., and the laptop motherboard or other hardware will be burned out. Power adapters for notebooks of the same brand and different models should be used with caution when switching. It is recommended to consult the notebook manufacturer before operating.